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Best Bowling Jokes

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How's that

One of England's fastest bowlers was taking a quiet stroll in a little village when he came upon a game of cricket. This being in the age before TV, cricketers were not always recognised by face.

The visiting team was one player short and invited the great man not knowing who he was. The home team was batting first. Soon it became evident that the umpires were more than slightly in favour of the batsmen, when several appeals for catches behing the wicket and leg-before were turned down.

The visiting captain, in desperation, and having used all his bowlers turned to our friend. The Test cricketer, Harold Larwood, marked out a short run-up and came in and bowled his first delivery. The batsman was plumb in front and was about to move.

"Howzzaat!" cried the visitors. But the umpire just shook his head in denial.

Lol, a little miffed, came in again, and there was a loud noise to be heard as the batsman nicked to the keeper. But, once again, to the amazement of the visitors, their appeals fell on deaf ears.

Now, Lol was livid. He marked out his full run-up, told hte keeper to step further back and came charging in at full pace.

The batsman never saw the ball. All he did see was his off stump cartwheeling out of the ground. Lol calmly turned back from his follow through and walked back to the top of his run-up.

On his way,as he passed the Umpire he remarked, "We nearly had him there, didn't we?"


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